Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Replacing Kitchen Sink

Need to replace your kitchen sink here we are talking about how to replacing kitchen sink.

Well, you've come to the right place. The kitchen sink sit on the true throne of your home, the counter top. That rusty kitchen sink you have isn't helping your kitchen cabinets show their shine.

You need a few tools to replace a kitchen sink. This is the list of tools that you will need :
screwdriver, puttyknife, assortment of wrench, hammer, and plier.

First thing you need to do is try to pick a sink that compliments your countertop and most importantly fits closely to the same size and dimension to the old one. You need to replacing your faucet as well, if you don't do that means crusty old faucet with shine kitchen sink. Embarassing.

After you get new one of kitchen sink, it's time to remove to garbage your old sink.

Turn off water supply is the important first move, both lines cold and hot. After that you need to turn the knobs to relieve pressure. Then disconnect the lines carefully with wrenches, not only that you need to disconnect the drain pipe too and other accessories such as garbage disposal, dish washer and others.

Look for brackets, you will find it under the sink that may be holding it in place and remove it.

Gently tap the putty knife with hammer under the edge of the sink to help it release free from the countertop. After that free you can remove it.

Scrape all sealant from the countertop with your knife, gently and don't brake the surface area.

Make sure the new kitchen sink is fit properly and use clear silicone around the cut-out and set your sink in place. After that you can attach any retainer clips. Install your new faucet on the sink. That all. It's done.

Now you can check water supply and use it.

Congrats, you can replacing your kitchen sink by yourself.
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