Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Replacing Bathroom Vanity and Sink

Let's try replacing bathroom vanity and sink by yourself at home.

After last post about replacing kitchen sink, now we're move on to bathroom and get new vanity and sink.

If you're real estate newbie investor, make certain improvements to a house still offers and excellent return on investment and make house sell more faster than before. One of the most important improvement is replacing and old outdated bathroom vanity and sink.

Here is the steps that you will required to replacing bathroom vanity and sink :

First step is measuring existing sink, also available space for new one. Because today there are so many size and model of bathroom vanity in the market. You shoud shut down valve for water. Cold and Hot water valve located under the sink inside the vanity base home. After that you can open faucet handles to drain water to the faucet. Then disconnect the water supply lines at the valve, place a bucket under the water drain to catch the water. Becareful when you do this, because it may connect to a lead pipe joint from the wall that you don't want to break.

After that you can remove it all, to prevent water seeping down the wall you must take a sharp box knife and cut through the caulking and allow you to remove it.

Now you can place the new bathroom vanity base and sink to intended location, after verify the looks secure it to the wall with screws. Important step before you do this is you must install faucet and water supply lines. Recorrect the drain pipes and valves. The assembling progress is complete now.

After that you check all function of bathroom vanity and sink, then you have just replaced bahtroom vanity and sink by yourself.

Congrats! and thank you for visiting replacing sink blogs.

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